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Healthy Eating Tips by SnapShot

Healthy Eating Tips

Everyone knows that we have to eat healthily in order to stay healthy. Yet many people find it hard to do so. One useful way to get you into the habit of eating healthily is by applying a few principles to the way you eat. I've outlined 7 of them below.

I. Eat small portions of food for each meal.

II. Eat frequently. Most adults get hungry about 4 hours after their last meal.Aim to eat at least 5 small sized meals each day. This keeps your metabolic rate high.

III. Eat foods that you enjoy eating, making sure that each meal contains all the essential nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins).

IV. Eat only when you’re hungry.

V. Stop eating as soon as you feel full: practice pushing away your plate with food still on it when you’ve had enough. Don’t aim to wipe the plate clean, and don’t eat until you feel stuffed. Eat until you’re comfortably satisfied.

VI. Drink a lot of water. Scientists recommend that we drink roughly 8 (250mls) glasses of water each day. Water helps you stay full, and if you’re eating only when you’re hungry, it means you’ll eat less without feeling like you’re depriving yourself. It also helps you flush out toxins from your body which otherwise could interfere with your body’s normal metabolism.

VII. Eating should be a pleasure, not a pain. For any food plan to work, it has to be practical, enjoyable, flexible and nutritious. Any plan that's based on depriving you of some food or other is almost certainly doomed to fail in the long term.

Try incorporating the above tips into the way you eat. BABYSTEPS! Start with one of them, practice it for a week (or until you're used to it), then start on another one. If you make changes in small steps, you won't be overwhelmed and easily discouraged by your progress. So make a small change each time; celebrate (or reward yourself) for each success, no matter how small you think it is. Remember, every baby step is bringing you closer to your desired goal of being a healthy eater. With persistence, you will find that eating healthily is not only possible, but it's fun.

So go for it!

Tips to Increase Your Wellness Motivation


Staying motivated to reach your fitness goal can be difficult for everyone. Sometimes it is just so easy to say "Oh I'll start again on Monday." Wrong approach!

The right time to take the plunge fully into health and fitness is TODAY. Make a conscious decision to stop making excuses and to start making some serious progress NOW. "I’m too busy." "I’m too tired after work to get to the gym." "I don’t have the right genes to have a lean, muscular body." Blah, blah, blah . . . When it comes to getting and staying in shape, excuses are a dime a dozen and are addictive. Anyone can make excuses, but in order to reach your goals you need to make a conscious effort to NEVER make excuses. Just get it done.

Constantly remind yourself that this is the one life on earth you have . . . why not live it to your full physical and intellectual potential? It may sound harsh, but so many people never achieve what they want in their professional and personal lives simply because they refuse to understand that this is it. This is your chance . . . your moment in time. "Seize the day" means today not tomorrow!

Top 10 Ways To Get Motivated

1. Set realistic goals. You need a target to know what you’re gunning for. If you have a big overall goal, set up a series of smaller goals first.

2. Think positive. Let enthusiasm and confidence dictate your mind. What you actually believe you can do, you will.

3. Buy yourself an outfit you want to look great in when you reach your goal.

4. Get Tuned up. Listening to your favorite motivational music can really help intensify workouts.

5. Try exciting new exercises to add a healthy variation. Use barbells instead of machines, use the stepper instead of the treadmill. Try to a new fitness program that you can be excited about. (Check out the "Hardgainer Secrets Training Program" if you are looking to gain muscle mass or "The Guide To Building Muscle While Losing Fat" if you are looking to get ripped) available for instant download at:

6. Keep track of your progress. Keep a journal so you can jot down your thoughts and accomplishments each day.

7. Join a new gym for a while for a change of scenery. The great outdoors also makes for a refreshing gym.

8. Find a great workout partner, one who will inspire you, not tire you.

9. Focus on your workout. Block out those nagging distractions.

10. Find a picture of someone with a physique you would like to emulate (be realistic), and hang the picture up as a reminder of what you're working towards.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

TruEssencia Dance & Wellness Bio

Deena ‘SnapShot’ Clemente
Wanda ‘WandeePop’ Candelario

New York Ricans, Dance collaborators, business partners and childhood best friends, Deena Aka: Snapshot & Wanda aka: WandeePop, share a passion and a history created during an historic era. Both were raised in the South Bronx (Longwood and Fox) on the same block during the early 80’s. The Bronx was where they developed their dance skills and strong dance culture in neighborhood house jams, outside park jams, block parties, talent showcases in the Police Athletic League (PAL Lynch Center) and local cable station programs, with their dance crew “Unique Force”. SnapShot & WandeePop learned about discipline and focus for their craft through daily practice sessions at the PAL Lynch Center and battles with other neighborhood dance crews that posed a challenge. They were a strong force to be reckoned with. But it was not until years later they realized how important those days on Fox street really were. Deena and Wanda began their journey on the streets to discover what is known today as Hip Hop. Today you can find them taking their street knowledge and history into the studio teaching Organic NYC style Hip Hop.

One major pivotal career point was the help, teachings and encouragement from SnapShot’s brother Steve ‘Mr. Wiggles’ Clemente, and honorary brother Jorge ‘Popmaster Fabel’ Pabon that put them on the path to study Funk-Styles (Popping, Locking) and B-Girl Skills (Breaking & Rocking) in combination with their hip hop party dancing.

Their Second inspirational pivotal career point was meeting and working with Robin Dunn (EDEntertainment/Rhythm Technicians) on various stage productions. It was with Robin they learned about hard work, committing to one’s spirit, energy, focus, dedication and discipline to the art of dance in more depth then they ever imagined. Not to mention putting counts to choreography and learning how to break down the moves in a class setting.

Deena `Snapshot' Clemente was born the youngest of seven and her family has always been a source of inspiration behind her education and career. After obtaining her BA in Communications she worked for MTV Networks as a Pre/Post Production Coordinator. During this time Snapshot continued to build her resume in dance education, auditions and projects. During her undergrad years at CMSV (College of Mount Saint Vincent) she and WandeePop were founding members of the very first dance squad on campus. Presently that squad, Flava, is now an official club and still going strong. They remained the teachers and choreographers of the squad from 1991 until 1999. SnapShot was also given the best opportunity to tour with `Jam on the Groove' (the very first and best hip hop theater show out of NYC) with GhettOriginal Dance Productions. She had her first choreographers’ credit for Aaliyah’s (RIP) ‘Got To Give it Up’ and II the Extreme’s ‘Got Me Going’ featuring Cormega from WuTanng Clan & Nas shot in NYC. Other credits include Japanese television show with popular Japanese recording artist, 'MAX' in NYC and an Oxygen Networks commercial. Snapshot is currently established as a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in the NYC/NJ area. You can also catch her competing on stage for fitness and figure competitions.

Wanda “WandeePop” Candelario remembers her sister Ceci as being very instrumental in her decision process to pursuit the arts; while continuing her education in Business Management. She has a long line of credits that range from films Hav Plenty, Box Marley, to music videos, commercials and industrial video for House Film which she is the feature dancer.

Even as teachers of their own open hip-hop party dances and funk-styles’ class Snap, PoP & Lock, which they teach at the Ailey Extension, they are still disciplined students of technique and performance. One of their more recent performances was in the New Victory Theater ‘Legends of Hip Hop’ with Rennie Harris. They also collaborate with four other inspiring B-Girls (HoneyRockWell, Miss Twist, Pauline & Seoulsonyk) on a company called TruEssencia (TEC). Representing the true essence of women in Hip-Hop they perform and work on projects ranging from the Rock Steady Anniversaries to opening up for La Kalle Block Party in Madison Square Garden, where WandeePop was given creative rights and you can find them in the book ‘We B-Girls' written by Martha Cooper. Since then they have opportunities with the most elite teachers, choreographers, dancers and mentors in today’s industry.

TEC is also affiliated with The International Hip Hop Speakers Bureau created by Saidah Brown, where they are producing workshops educating through Hip Hop for Health. The HH4H Workshops consist of Health and Wellness education combined with hip hop choreography, strength training, cardio combos, flexibility drills and nutritional tips.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FOOD for FUEL not EMOTION by WandeePop

Keeping up with Snap Pop & Lock's signature class of captivating energetic Hip Hop dance, Health, Wellness, & Fitness can be challenging! We've decided to take it a few steps further and offer two additional sections of our newlsetter!

*Food for Fuel not Emotion
*Herb's Ready pack

This will teach how to utilize the earth's natural resources + juice cleansing for optimum health benefits.

Did you know Beans contain eight key nutrients that are an excellent source of Protein which contains high levels of it and is low in fat? For those who don't know protein is key for building bone and joint protecting muscles. If you are building muscle than you are on your way to lowering the fat count in your body.

How does protein help us? Please read the list below for nutrients and benefits:

1.Folate: Helps the body form red blood cells; may reduce the risk of Birth Defects

2.Fiber: Studies show it may reduce the risk of Heart Attacks and certain Cancer's help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

3.Manganese: Needed for building strong bones and for a healthier metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

4. Protein: Essential for growth and maintenance of bones and muscles.

5.Magnesium: This nutrient is necessary for building bone and releasing energy from muscles.

6.Copper: Key for iron absorption and efficient use of oxygen.

7.Iron: Needed to carry oxygen in the blood.

8.Potassium: Aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Now you have all eight key factors we in-courage to incorporate beans (a rainbow of them) in your meals and ask you to plan your meals wisely. We bring this information to you through our own research and studies.

**For more information on Food for Fuel not Emotion and Herb Ready Packs please email WandeePOP at email below**

Train with Purpose by SnapShot

Some Basic Rules In order to achieve the maximum benefits and to strength train effectively and safely, always observe these principles:

Warm Up & Cool Down:
This cannot be stressed enough. Most workout-related injuries can be avoided by proper warm-up and cool-down. Your muscles need a 5 to 15 minute warm-up as well as a brief cool-down. This holds true for all weight training workouts.Start At The

Appropriate Level:
If you begin training at to high a level you risk serious injury.You will also develop poor form, which will hinder your efforts and discourage you. Use this as a guideline: If you cannot lift the weight your working with 10 times with proper form, the weight is too heavy. Similarly, don't choose too light a weight; the last 2-3 repetitions of your set should be difficult.

Proper Technique:
To get the most out of training and to reduce the chance of injury, use proper lifting techniques. These include working with your muscles through their full range of motion (Not locking out any joints), lifting at a speed at which you can control the weight and easily stop if necessary, and maintaining good posture.

Exercise Large Muscles First:
You should work your large muscle groups first-your chest, back, and legs - before you exercise your biceps, triceps and smaller muscle groups. Because our bodies naturally recruit large muscle fibers first, these muscles will be the first to fatigue.

Progress Gradually:
Increase reps before increasing resistance. Reduce rest interval between sets to increase workload.

Breath Correctly:
Do no hold your breath. Exhale at the moment of highest effort. Breath in through your nose, Breath out through your mouth.

Challenge Your Muscles:
All training should begin progressively, using increases in weight until your goals or a plateau are reached. Then, change your workout to include increased reps with lowered weights at the end of a set, change the order of exercise, or add sets, etc., to reach new goals. (workouts should change about every 6-weeks).

Give Your Muscles & Mind A Rest:
You'll get the most out of your training if you give your muscles at least 48 hours rest between weight training workouts to recover and rebuild.

Personal Training with SnapShot

*one on one
*small PT group (2 - 4)
*group bootcamps (2 and up)

*Basic with strength/endurance training
*Snap, Pop & Lock with hip hop dance choreography

*at your home
*gym in the city or apt building

*Weight Loss
*Strength & Conditioning
*Muscle Building
*Cardio Conditioning
*Sports Specific (track & field, golf, fighting sports etc)
*Pre/Post Natal
*Fitness & Figure Contest Prep
*Most Aliments

*kids (8yrs and older)
*Young Adults

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tips for Allergy Season By WandeePOP

This month we are featuring two naturalpathic remedies in our Nutritional program and the utilization of Earth's natural resources.

For the past year I’ve been researching different foods (snacks), herbs (plants) and I’ve come across interesting findings with these two in particular; Sunflower Seeds and the Eucalyptus plant… So for six months I decided to add Sunflower seeds to my meals along with placing the eucalyptus plant in my home and office.

Let me start by telling you how helpful and effective the seeds can be. Sunflowers Seeds have five key components that are super in helping with Energy, relief from seasonal Allergies, lowering bad Cholesterol, and ladies studies also showed sunflowers to be extremely helpful in healing Cramps.

Why you may ask? Sunflower Seeds are known to be one of the highest forms and sources of vitamin E and is an excellent choice for daily snacking. Snacking on ¼ cup
Of set seed will deliver 55 percent of the daily dosage recommended of thiamine. This seed is also rich in Folate and Pantothenic acid which are known as good B-complex! vitamins and play key roles in converting carbohydrates into energy, glucose and yes in-turn will provide up to four hours of energy.

Sunflowers Seeds are helpful in curing seasonal Allergies: Because they are so high in vitamin-E! the vitamin has been known to alleviate the symptoms in five days. That’s because antioxidants neutralizes inflammatory which will free radicals through out your body, dampening susceptibility to any allergic reaction.

Sunflower Seeds help with lowering “BAD” Cholesterol: Because it is such a powerhouse of a seed that contains Phytosterols and has a plant compound that displaces LDL cholesterol particles in the intestines speeding through your body lowering the LDL count.

Sunflower Seeds helping to ease Cramps: If you eat at least ½ cup of the seeds it will provide 413mg of Tryptophan and 255mg of Magnesium this can be help to heal the discomfort of Cramps, PMS. The amino acid in the Tryptophan can prevent cravings by revving production of your appetite and because the seed contains Magnesium which is known to reduce muscle cramps. Plus it help’s to raise levels of the mood balancing the body’s chemicals.

At this point and time I decided to incorporate my sense of smell… and my continued mission to alleviate my on going battle with Allergies and Sinus problems. Placing the pretty Eucalyptus Plant in my immediate space was most important and helpful after reading and researching how it effective it can be in clearing congestion I took the chance and placed the plant in my home (living room, and bedroom) and at work. As I researched more about the plant I came to love and understand how helpful the plant truly is. The Eucalyptus plant is known as a prime defense against Spring Colds!

The plant contains great chemicals that when are inhaled raise the level of Healthy periciliary fluid in the body’s airways, and breathing the wonderful scent of this plant can raise the fluid levels in the respiratory tract thinning and loosening any, and all Phlegm.

By the end of the six month time period I was looking and feeling better!!
No congestions (nose, chest) ,or fuzzy hay fever feeling, natural sneezing not that on going allergy sneeze or running nose, and best of all no eye irritation.

This is the best medicine ever! I was feeling great then and still am till this day.
All I did was allow Earth's natural resources to help me.

Who would’ve thought that one simple plant and seed could be so POWERFUL.