Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tips for Allergy Season By WandeePOP

This month we are featuring two naturalpathic remedies in our Nutritional program and the utilization of Earth's natural resources.

For the past year I’ve been researching different foods (snacks), herbs (plants) and I’ve come across interesting findings with these two in particular; Sunflower Seeds and the Eucalyptus plant… So for six months I decided to add Sunflower seeds to my meals along with placing the eucalyptus plant in my home and office.

Let me start by telling you how helpful and effective the seeds can be. Sunflowers Seeds have five key components that are super in helping with Energy, relief from seasonal Allergies, lowering bad Cholesterol, and ladies studies also showed sunflowers to be extremely helpful in healing Cramps.

Why you may ask? Sunflower Seeds are known to be one of the highest forms and sources of vitamin E and is an excellent choice for daily snacking. Snacking on ¼ cup
Of set seed will deliver 55 percent of the daily dosage recommended of thiamine. This seed is also rich in Folate and Pantothenic acid which are known as good B-complex! vitamins and play key roles in converting carbohydrates into energy, glucose and yes in-turn will provide up to four hours of energy.

Sunflowers Seeds are helpful in curing seasonal Allergies: Because they are so high in vitamin-E! the vitamin has been known to alleviate the symptoms in five days. That’s because antioxidants neutralizes inflammatory which will free radicals through out your body, dampening susceptibility to any allergic reaction.

Sunflower Seeds help with lowering “BAD” Cholesterol: Because it is such a powerhouse of a seed that contains Phytosterols and has a plant compound that displaces LDL cholesterol particles in the intestines speeding through your body lowering the LDL count.

Sunflower Seeds helping to ease Cramps: If you eat at least ½ cup of the seeds it will provide 413mg of Tryptophan and 255mg of Magnesium this can be help to heal the discomfort of Cramps, PMS. The amino acid in the Tryptophan can prevent cravings by revving production of your appetite and because the seed contains Magnesium which is known to reduce muscle cramps. Plus it help’s to raise levels of the mood balancing the body’s chemicals.

At this point and time I decided to incorporate my sense of smell… and my continued mission to alleviate my on going battle with Allergies and Sinus problems. Placing the pretty Eucalyptus Plant in my immediate space was most important and helpful after reading and researching how it effective it can be in clearing congestion I took the chance and placed the plant in my home (living room, and bedroom) and at work. As I researched more about the plant I came to love and understand how helpful the plant truly is. The Eucalyptus plant is known as a prime defense against Spring Colds!

The plant contains great chemicals that when are inhaled raise the level of Healthy periciliary fluid in the body’s airways, and breathing the wonderful scent of this plant can raise the fluid levels in the respiratory tract thinning and loosening any, and all Phlegm.

By the end of the six month time period I was looking and feeling better!!
No congestions (nose, chest) ,or fuzzy hay fever feeling, natural sneezing not that on going allergy sneeze or running nose, and best of all no eye irritation.

This is the best medicine ever! I was feeling great then and still am till this day.
All I did was allow Earth's natural resources to help me.

Who would’ve thought that one simple plant and seed could be so POWERFUL.

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