Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vitamin D: Herb Ready

Working with different people providing guidelines on the best way to incorporate Time Management, Herbal Remedies, and Fitness Plan, specifically to fit whatever needs they may have.

Brings me to this month’s article… I recently assessed someone (whom later I signed on as a client) come to me with many different problems.

One in particular was of vitamins, and a consistent tightness she felt in her joints, and muscles. One works with the other… if your body is lacking a certain vitamin! You’re going to feel the difference in your muscles, and joints, always feeling fatigue, etc cause at some point your body is going to scream out to you! The choice is yours… I hope that you are able to listen to your body.

She later explained to me her need for increasing the intake of vitamin D! per her doctor’s request. To my surprise he wanted her to intake about 6, 000 IU per day… when the minimum is 2, 000 IU through supplements for adult women, if this was the cold bitter winter I could understand such a high dosage of the vitamin. During the winter time we are less likely to expose our bodies to sunlight.

My client went to the doctor twice at the very, beginning of the summer. Only to come back after both visits not satisfied with the answers she was given.

She spoke to a few friends and found her-self being referred to me through a former co-worker. I sat taking notes as I assessed her and for the life of me could not understand why? He could not give her a valid answer (excuse) as to why she should continue with the dosages he recommended. She noticed she would feel sick after taking the second round of vitamins and medications. This same doctor insisted she continue to take all the medications and vitamins with no other alternatives.

I am not a doctor! But I was able to help her find alternative ways to get vitamin D, into her system “This person of modern medicine” could not put together a different way to get her back on the right track. I later questioned his work ethics… or was this particular Dr. just plain old lazy. I am not saying that all Doctor’s are like this but man oh man where did this person get his medical degree? a Cracker Jack Box perhaps.

I asked her to expose herself to sunlight during mid-afternoon for only few minutes, gave her some basic foods that I knew would help boost her Vitamin D and asked her to incorporate a few herbs like turmeric, ginger and supplements to help moisturize her joint and muscles.

Considering your body can generate vitamin D by exposing your body in the sunlight
for at least 15-20 minutes daily… it is recommended to do so during the midday, and it is suggested to use sunscreen on your face and hands (intake the sunlight in moderation).

My Client is on her road to recovery… I have been working with her for 30 days now. She is feeling better everyday noticing the difference with her endurance, stamina, and even her sleeping patterns with the feeling of being well-rested when she wakes up in the mornings. Once completed with the program she’ll be giving her testimony on how it changed her life.

Here is a basic fact list:

Vitamin D keep our bones healthy, reduces the risk in developing “Breast Cancer”, Colon Cancer, High Blood Pressure, and Arthritis.

Eat Your Vitamin D – Some foods help to boost your intake of this vitamin

Foods and drinks like:
*8oz of a glass of milk contain 100 IU
*cold-water fish contain 250 to 650 IU per 3.5oz
*egg yolks contain 100 IU
*dried shitake mushrooms contain 1,600 IU of D2 per 3.5oz serving

I am not against modern medicine. I do believe in questioning the doctor when visiting for your annual check-up. Society has made it easy to take all the information doctors give us and accept it at face value.

It is a new age, people are more aware of their choices when it comes to health & wellness. Age of herbs, minerals and supplements, understanding that we can help ourselves utilizing the natural resources of the earth.

Remember Food For fuel Not Emotion-Herby Ready!

Helpful Tip preparing your skin for the winter:

For Dry Skin --- Use Hazelnut Oil this, this oil is like the natural oil our skin
produces. This lightweight moisturizer penetrates the upper layer
the epidermis. The best way to use the oil is to apply the oil at
night before going to sleep this will allow the oil to soak into
your skin.