Thursday, November 18, 2010

Positive Hip Hop Cause and Effect

Mind, Body, Spirit

When you're happy and feeling positive about how things are going in your life you tend to have more energy, feel confident about yourself and what you are doing.

Can make decisions without second - guessing, or questioning your authority on you. Focus with no problem because you have that wonderful, strong feeling.

When you change your way of thinking followed with the proper actions. Things do start to shift for the better, Along with surrounding yourself with like-minded people.
These days it may seem hard especially since it seems as if everyone is going through
A tough or a rough patch!

It is during those times of trails and tribulations that we need to stay as Positive as can be.

Being negative is bad for your health... Negative feelings can and will manifest itself in many different forms; For example! find yourself getting sick more than the average person, tend feel drained with little or no energy all the time, fall into depression often, weight gain/weight loss, stress, etc. Don't lose sight of things...we are all going through different journeys'.

One thing we have in common is that we can choose which path we want to take whether it is Positive or Negative; I strongly suggest that you continue on the Positive.
It's much easier & healthier, if in fact you choose to maintain set path.
You'll benefit from it through and through. Your mind, your body and soul! Will praise you in many ways. The connection between all of those emotions will be happy to serve you on a regular basis. So much so it will even help with a longer life band.

As people (adults) we're all to busy trying to earn a living... worrying about things that we have No control over. Stop.. stay connected.. use this as the vehicle to steer you in direction of positive control. Controlling things that you can.

Making the changes with whatever you may need to at the present time. Releasing any energy/ emotions that might not belong to you... back into the universe. Now let go, releasing energy sometimes is one of the hardest things to do. Especially if you're not in-tune, or know for a fact those emotions, that energy doesn't belong to you. When I say releasing the emotions/energy to the universe. I don't mean wishing harm to anyone, or thing. This has more to do with forgiveness, faith, hope, courage and love. Any energy and emotions put into the universe will come back to you.

Allow light into your life and may this be a start to a new beginning and a new way of thinking.

Challenge yourself and the way you process information.
Always think positive!

At this point you've read the first part of the article and have a better sense on the actual cause and effect of Positive thinking. If you constantly feel a certain way your mind, your body, soul will believe it and will automatically make the connection without you realizing it.

The brain is one of the most Powerful tools we humans have our job is to keep our brains healthy at all times. Use the connections, with the same understanding, also knowing this particular tool needs to learn new things constantly in order to remain healthy.

Please take the time to answer these questions for yourself
1. Do you know the importance on thinking positive?
2. Do you know how if affects the mind body and soul?

Lastly be honest with yourself when answering these two simple questions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!


Hip Hop Dance Related Injuries: Knee Strength

Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, Spirit

This is a very familiar topic for dancers of any genre. The injuries.. and if you are lucky and you have health insurance.. God Bless you, but many in the arts are not so lucky and use other means to heal in time for the next gig or job or opportunity.

I am no stranger to injuries related to dance from knees to back pain and spasms. I learned through experience what NOT to do. Starting with:

Improper Warm-Up
I injured my knee while performing a move I was not properly warmed up for. Not a smart move and I paid for it the following morning and there after. I was aware of the importance of warming up, but I was young/naive and took that for granted. My excuse for not warming up thoroughly.. Laziness...

Attention to Time Frame

I waited too long before I actively did anything to properly heal my knee. I did see a doctor for an MRI so I was aware of the damage. The doctor encouraged me to continue with my strength training and rehab it instead of surgery. I knew has a good chance to build my knee strength with proper training. So I focused on building muscle to be better and stronger.

Wear and Tear Over Load

As I trained, my legs were stronger and my knees felt better. But then i craved more and more weight in my training sessions. I would challenge myself by testing my strength squatting 270lbs, Leg Press 720lbs, benching 180lbs.. I would give myself a target and work on reaching it. It was a necessary phase in my workout strategy. My next step was to get on stage and compete. The wear and tear with the weight over load.. intense leg workouts combined with restricted calories and lack of hydration was enough. I went in for orthoscopic surgery shortly after my competition in 2005.

My healing process was challenging, but rewarding.. and it was work. Not only physical work, but mental and spiritual. Stress, lack of proper nutrition, Sleep, mind and body connection to recognize the body signals are signs to look for. Solution, injury prevention through strength, cardio and flexibility training, energizing nutrition, plenty of restful sleep, proper hydration to name a few. Injuries are also self inflicted sometimes without knowing. Everyday we do damage on a cellular level when our spirit is not being nourished. Instead we feed our bodies with negative, judgmental thoughts that causes a reaction that can later produce harmful effects from depression to disease. Developing a strong positive structure in the mind, body, spirit and environment will lead to a longer, happier life.

Easier said than done in many cases.. Start small.. Find a quite peaceful place, even if for just 10mins a day and meditate on the life you want for yourself. Not sure how to meditate? There are plenty of guides online that can help you.

Hip Hop Dance Knee Strengthening
I developed a passion for building muscle at an early age but did not think it was attainable. Now my training sessions are moderate intensity, enough of a challenge for my cardio and strength endurance with less pressure on my joints with heavy loading.

I love leg training days. They are the most challenging for me and requires my focus on form and load. Even as a personal trainer I enjoy workouts with other trainers. I need that extra push of motivation as well. Especially when I am preparing for a competition.

A typical leg workout for me consist of:
A circuit of each element available at most gyms; Machines, Free Weights, Cables and Functional Calisthenics.

Leg Extension, Leg Curls, Free Squats, Leg Press, Deadlifts, Walking Lunges and cable work. I train with weights and without to keep the balance. Calisthenics are just as important. In my opinion it's better to keep the variety and not just one and be consistent. It's fine if you need to take some time off from strength training, a week to a month. But very important to return to maintain your overall well being.

Comment Below;-)

Simplicity and Honesty

'Transparency is the Mother of Integrity'

I firmly believe that it is the only approach that makes any sense, it's simplicity and its honesty. It maintains your integrity, you are always giving what you are promising - which is you. It makes you happy, as there is nothing more fulfilling than having those around us acknowledge our own special-ness. Rewarding when you inspire people to live their passion. Finally, it is the only approach to branding actually sustainable in the long run.

As self evident as this may sound, trying to be something else, or someone else, is absolutely crazy. It is stressful. It is tiring. It is not fulfilling. It is impossible to keep up. Yet for so many people, when they go about trying to make themselves presentable and marketable, that is precisely what they do. That was the initial mistake I made when building our Signature Brand Hip Hop Dance Fitness Workshop Snap, Pop n' Rock

The beauty of this simple approach is that those customers who buy your offering are buying something that you, and only you, can deliver. This means that you are competing in a micro-market where yours is the sole offering. So long as you continue to place your passion, energy and patience into what you are doing, your brand can only strengthen over time.

What are your thoughts?