Thursday, November 18, 2010

Simplicity and Honesty

'Transparency is the Mother of Integrity'

I firmly believe that it is the only approach that makes any sense, it's simplicity and its honesty. It maintains your integrity, you are always giving what you are promising - which is you. It makes you happy, as there is nothing more fulfilling than having those around us acknowledge our own special-ness. Rewarding when you inspire people to live their passion. Finally, it is the only approach to branding actually sustainable in the long run.

As self evident as this may sound, trying to be something else, or someone else, is absolutely crazy. It is stressful. It is tiring. It is not fulfilling. It is impossible to keep up. Yet for so many people, when they go about trying to make themselves presentable and marketable, that is precisely what they do. That was the initial mistake I made when building our Signature Brand Hip Hop Dance Fitness Workshop Snap, Pop n' Rock

The beauty of this simple approach is that those customers who buy your offering are buying something that you, and only you, can deliver. This means that you are competing in a micro-market where yours is the sole offering. So long as you continue to place your passion, energy and patience into what you are doing, your brand can only strengthen over time.

What are your thoughts?

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