Thursday, November 18, 2010

Positive Hip Hop Cause and Effect

Mind, Body, Spirit

When you're happy and feeling positive about how things are going in your life you tend to have more energy, feel confident about yourself and what you are doing.

Can make decisions without second - guessing, or questioning your authority on you. Focus with no problem because you have that wonderful, strong feeling.

When you change your way of thinking followed with the proper actions. Things do start to shift for the better, Along with surrounding yourself with like-minded people.
These days it may seem hard especially since it seems as if everyone is going through
A tough or a rough patch!

It is during those times of trails and tribulations that we need to stay as Positive as can be.

Being negative is bad for your health... Negative feelings can and will manifest itself in many different forms; For example! find yourself getting sick more than the average person, tend feel drained with little or no energy all the time, fall into depression often, weight gain/weight loss, stress, etc. Don't lose sight of things...we are all going through different journeys'.

One thing we have in common is that we can choose which path we want to take whether it is Positive or Negative; I strongly suggest that you continue on the Positive.
It's much easier & healthier, if in fact you choose to maintain set path.
You'll benefit from it through and through. Your mind, your body and soul! Will praise you in many ways. The connection between all of those emotions will be happy to serve you on a regular basis. So much so it will even help with a longer life band.

As people (adults) we're all to busy trying to earn a living... worrying about things that we have No control over. Stop.. stay connected.. use this as the vehicle to steer you in direction of positive control. Controlling things that you can.

Making the changes with whatever you may need to at the present time. Releasing any energy/ emotions that might not belong to you... back into the universe. Now let go, releasing energy sometimes is one of the hardest things to do. Especially if you're not in-tune, or know for a fact those emotions, that energy doesn't belong to you. When I say releasing the emotions/energy to the universe. I don't mean wishing harm to anyone, or thing. This has more to do with forgiveness, faith, hope, courage and love. Any energy and emotions put into the universe will come back to you.

Allow light into your life and may this be a start to a new beginning and a new way of thinking.

Challenge yourself and the way you process information.
Always think positive!

At this point you've read the first part of the article and have a better sense on the actual cause and effect of Positive thinking. If you constantly feel a certain way your mind, your body, soul will believe it and will automatically make the connection without you realizing it.

The brain is one of the most Powerful tools we humans have our job is to keep our brains healthy at all times. Use the connections, with the same understanding, also knowing this particular tool needs to learn new things constantly in order to remain healthy.

Please take the time to answer these questions for yourself
1. Do you know the importance on thinking positive?
2. Do you know how if affects the mind body and soul?

Lastly be honest with yourself when answering these two simple questions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!


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