Thursday, January 28, 2010

Organic NYC Style Hip Hop

Organic NYC Style Hip Hop for Health
(Choreographers/Teaching Artists/Health & Wellness Professionals)

SnapShot and WandeePop are pioneers of Hip Hop Freestyle Party Dancing and co-creators of Snap, Pop & Rock
(name recently changed from Snap, Pop & Lock) dance and fitness workshop. SP&R combines hip hop technique drills (popping, Latin rocking, freestyle hip hop party dancing) with strength training, cardio endurance and flexibility combos. These Boogie Down Bronx Nuyoricans bring the streets into the studio by incorporating 'freestyle' into the combinations and attitude on the dance floor. Hip Hop should be experienced so the music compilations are just as important to give you the atmosphere of Peace, Unity, Love & having Fun. While learning technique and working up a sweat in the warm-up you will also have Hip Hop Trivia 101 where you will learn the history of dance moves, music, pioneers, style and health & wellness tips for injury prevention and well-being.

Attached please find TEC's Presskit. For further information please check website below.

SnapShot & WandeePop

Latin Nation Segment

Tru Essencia Dance & Wellness, LLC
'Organic NYC Style Hip Hop for Health'