Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exercising In the Heat

Exercising in the Heat?

It is very important to remember the potential dangers that come with exercising in hot conditions. As long as you know the do's and don'ts of working out in the heat, then you can fully take advantage of all the fun of summer.

What you should do

Drink plenty of fluids. It's extremely importantto stay hydrated. If you're thirsty then you are already dehydrated; drink before you feel a need to. Be sure to drink throughout the day (stick to non- caffeinated beverages, preferably water). Also, drink15-20 minutes before beginning your workout and every 15 minutes throughout the exercise.

Eat regularly. The heat can decrease your appetite, but it's importantto eat normally. Try to eat small meals 5-6 times a day. Include lots of fruits and vegetables. Aside from being nutritious, fruits also tend to help with hydration.

Wear light, loose fitting clothes that can breathe. Cotton is alwaysa good choice. If your outdoor activity produces a lot of perspiration, consider clothing that is designed to wick the sweat away.

Wear sunscreen. Even if you exercise early in the morning or late in the evening, if the sun can reach you then you can get burned. Not only is a sunburn bad on the skin and potentially dangerous but it also hinders your bodies ability to stay cool.

Use common sense and don't attempt strenuous activities that your b ody is not accustomed to. Stick to exercises that you arevery familiar and comfortable with.

Check the weather forecast. It's best not to participate in intense outdoor exercise sessions when the heat index registers in the dangerous zone.

What you should not do

Don't try to diet by sweating. Excessive perspiration is not the key to permanent weight l oss. Any decrease in the scale would simply be a result of water loss, not fat reduction.

Don't adapt the "no pain, no gain" motto. Ignoring your body's signals could be dangerous. Heat-related illnesses come with warning signs. Be sure to learn how to recognize them and what actions to take.

Don't forget to drink plenty of liquid when swimming. Just because your body is surrounded by water does not mean that you are well-hydrated. As with any land exercises, you need to regularly replenish lost fluids when in the pool.

Avoid physical activity during the hottest part of the day, which usually is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you want (or need) to be working in very hot temperatures, don't do it until you become acclimated. Try to spend only a few minutes a day in the hot conditions for the first couple of weeks and then add time gradually each day.

Avoid extreme changes in temperature. Don't hop from being extremely hot and sweating excessively right into an ice cold, air-conditioned environment. Try to cool your body down slightly before exposing it to the extreme temperature variation.

Whether you have to work outside or do it for enjoyment, following the above tips will help you stay cool and safe during the dog days of summer. So, don't spend the season cooped up, get out there and have some fun!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Food For Fuel Not Emotion - Herb Ready

To finalize our Allergy series we are bringing you two different Herbs for the month of July; Nettles and Gingko.

I am a firm believer in mixing and matching my herbs either when I’m brewing my tea, or when I am cooking my food. I find it to be fun and challenging! Yet the end result can be very rewarding and healthy for you. So why not get your Vitamins in the purest form.

Nettles have a long history of being a potent herb. It contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium, beta-carotene, along with vitamins A, C, D, and B-complex, which are all in a form that your body can use and digest.

Nettles extract are a reliable source of diuretics which is helpful with excretion of uric acid, that simultaneously discourage night time bathroom urges, which makes the herb useful in solving bedwetting problems, overnight urinary woes of benign prostate enlargement.

Not only is it good to help fight allergies, and all the other vitamins it contains. Studies show Native American women would use the herb throughout pregnancy and as a remedy to stop hemorrhaging during childbirth! To the Native American women Nettles is considered one of the best all round women’s tonics.

Ginkgo Leaf is recent, and has been studied for different things… but showed to be beneficial to cardiovascular. Gingko contains many constituents: Gibberellin, cytokinin-like substances, ginkgolic acid, bilobol, ginnol aspartine, calcium. This herb is considered to be a tonic.

This new herb is great for many things! One of the greatest things it is known for is balancing whatever maybe going on in your system. So for example: if you are tired, it will energize you, and if you are stressed it will relax you. Cause of its constituents and other substances it helps to restore the blood flow to all parts of your body but particularly to the brain, allowing improved use of oxygen.

Ginkgo helps to increase circulation which also allows maintaining energy level, giving you full benefits of all the foods you eat, vitamins and herbal supplements you take.

Please note: Our bodies don’t all react the same to Food, Vitamins, and Supplements.
Use this as a guide and if you need more help contact us we will be happy to help get you started on a program designed for you!

Please read chart below and you’ll understand how and why theses herbs can be helpful:

The Best Natural Supplements for Controlling Allergies

Vitamin C w/bioflavonoids
*Natural Antihistamine, adrenal function
*up to 5000mg daily, depending on bowel tolerance
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)
*Adrenal function, defends against stress
*up to 1000mg, 2 or 3x daily

*Immune booster, counters histamine
*60mg, 3 or 4x daily
Vitamin A
*Anti-infammatory, immune system
*10,000 IU, 2 or 3x daily

AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound)
*Immune system booster
*500mg, once daily

Vitamin B12
*Reduces inflammatory response
*1,000 mcg daily in morning
*Produces coenzyme A, stress
*300 mg 3times daily w/meals
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
*Reduces allergic reactions
*1000mg daily
*Helps neutralize histamine
*up to 2000mg daily
Vitamin E & selenium
*Immune booster
*400 IU daily & selenium 50 mcg twice daily

Grapeseed extract
*Immune booster
*100mg 2x daily
Raw adrenal
*Immune booster
*500mg, 2x daily

*relieves bronchospasm
*400mg, daily
Full spectrum digestive enzyme supplement enhances assimilation & utilization of nutrients
with each meal.