Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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12 Steps to Healing Self Care

12 Steps in 2012 

It was recommended last year but it is now vital. Daily meditation is the fuel of our body and soul. Do it simply: three phases, conscious breathing, body relaxation, the arrival of light. The simpler it is; the easier it will be incorporated in your daily routine.

We cannot continue to live each day as we board a plane and tell the pilot, "take me anywhere you want". We need a map. Every morning, write in your journal four things: the intention of the day, the intention of the month, the intention for the year, and the intention of a lifetime. Might change daily, but you see the “pattern” of the same intent.

Our dreams are guiding us in the direction of our spiritual growth and helping us evolve. They have always done this, but now it has become much more necessary to pay attention to what they say. Dream, practice recall, record it or if you need to process, share them with others.

Old relationships and personalities of the past are showing up in our field. The purpose NOW is to close all loose ends, detached from that which reflects our old way of being. Release and say goodbye genuinely with farewell letters that include gratitude, forgiveness, and taking responsibility for letting go. You will find that they will ALSO receive a remarkable freeing energy.

Meet with peers, with those who share this philosophy of life. The change will find us together. Participate in events, exhibitions, global meditations, forums ... Stay tuned; be aware. Attend courses and seminars. Generate sacred circles. Participate in ceremony, rituals, and talking circles

Mother Earth is evolving along with us. In fact, she is the initiator of this movement and the fundamental reason that we are turning toward a higher destiny. It is the ship that carries us through the cosmos. Let's do rituals in the most simple and universal manner by leaving an offering of food and love to her and her creatures, recycling, conserving water, growing our own food, planting herbal gardens, offerings of ceremonial blessings.

Feeling the sun, even on the terrace, even if it is raining ... make contact with nature at every opportunity you have. Walk instead of taking a taxi, watch the signs of the wind, the billowy clouds, and sit in the grass, hg a tree. Restore and re-energize yourself from their vitality and purity.

8. ART
Express yourself creatively, even when you feel you have no artistic ability. Art is inherent to our spirit, but we have been conditioned to accept only certain creative ways. Paint, model, draw, sing, dance, act. Do it alone or with other people but let the soul speak in your own special “code” what art is.

9. Hold on to YOUR DREAMS
Every soul has a dream, and it is like the North Star: Guiding us!!. Find what makes you happy and keep that course. Permanently give up all the prejudices and limiting beliefs that tell you what is “possible and what is not possible.” When we reach the “enlighten moment”, you will not be truly AUTHENTIC if you have done ONLY what was expected of you. Find your PASSION Now.

10. Karmic cleansing
Our energy fields have been full of “caca” baggage that no longer serves our spiritual growth. In the past, maybe we would have taken years to understand and transmute the remains of karmic experiences. Today, the acceleration of this transformation, the higher vibration, and changes in our DNA has cleansed all the “ole stuff”. Any residuals can be cleaned up by chakra work, sound healing, energy work, Reiki, ceremony, sacred lodges, yoga, and meditating.

11. REST
The higher vibration energies, the cosmic sun flares, the transition to a higher transformation result in you becoming fatigue. The physical material of our bodies is slow to adjust to the dynamics of consciousness. Protect yourself by getting enough rest, drinking more water, eating mindfully, slowing down, and being in the moment. If you can, take a nap every now and then, no matter what time of day.

We are being accompanied by spiritual entities of different colors and frequencies, but with the same great intention: to witness the wonderful moment when a species moves from one dimension to another (yeah! us!). Now is the time to help one another, to have loving connections, to give encouragement and inspiration, to be ONE with each other, and most of all being of “service” to all.

Remember ... Practice, practice, practice!

Many blessings : )

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Surrender Point by The Daily Love

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Paz Amor Luz,
Tru Essencia Dance and Wellness, Inc.

The Surrender Point is the point at which we try and try and try and nothing we "do" seems to work. Maybe we get so impatient, so fed up, so frustrated that we just want to give up and/or let go. OR perhaps we have been in an addictive pattern and life has gotten so unmanageable that we don't know what to do.

The Surrender Point is a time in our lives when we get sick and tired of letting our ego and fears run the show; we don't know what to do and we just want to give up.


The Surrender Point isn't just a one-time thing; we can have many Surrender Point moments in a year even. But, I believe there is Grace in Surrender Point moments.


The Grace is this...


Compared to Uni-versal Wisdom, that is the wisdom of the higher order of The Uni-verse, our fears, insecurities and ego have small minded, unaligned agendas.


Unaligned? Yes, we cannot think two thoughts at once. We cannot simultaneously think a thought of love and a thought of fear. And as a wise man once said, "Love is what we're born with, fear is what we learn here."


So flow with me on this thought for a moment. When we let thoughts of fear dominate our lives, we step out of Love and are no longer in alignment with our Highest Potential. So, like a drop of water separated from the ocean, we separate unknowingly from the Love that sustains us. As a result, our lives, our passion and our hearts begin to become even more consumed with fear. This cycle continues until we hit a Surrender Point. We hit a Surrender Point because the pain of continuing in our fearful habit is finally worse than the pain of changing, facing ourselves and realigning with Love.


When we reach a Surrender Point, it should be celebrated. It means that we have finally let go of a lower and unaligned way of living and given in to a higher order of Life. The wisdom and value in the Surrender Point is that we SURRENDER our fear and ask to be filled and aligned with Love in that moment.


We step away from our past habits and addictions that have distracted ourselves from ourselves and instead decide to face our shadow. Not with fear, but with Love.


Surrender Points are painful in the moment, but in the long run we will see them as some of the greatest moments of our lives.


Are there any habits or addictions that you have that you want to give up? How much longer do you want to subtly suffer knowing that you are participating in an unhealthy and unloving habit?


How much more pain do you want to endure before you give it up?


Do you want The Uni-verse to bring you a Surrender Point, or can you walk away now?


I'm urging us to take a deep look at our lives and see what unhealthy and unloving habits, addictions and thoughts we can let go of. Not because it's so painful, but because we know that in doing so, we will liberate ourselves to live alongside a higher order of things.

As always, the action happens over on the BLOG; head on over there and leave a comment on my blog "Why it's awesome if you're ready to give up!" The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it's a GREAT place to get support!