Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Train with Purpose by SnapShot

Some Basic Rules In order to achieve the maximum benefits and to strength train effectively and safely, always observe these principles:

Warm Up & Cool Down:
This cannot be stressed enough. Most workout-related injuries can be avoided by proper warm-up and cool-down. Your muscles need a 5 to 15 minute warm-up as well as a brief cool-down. This holds true for all weight training workouts.Start At The

Appropriate Level:
If you begin training at to high a level you risk serious injury.You will also develop poor form, which will hinder your efforts and discourage you. Use this as a guideline: If you cannot lift the weight your working with 10 times with proper form, the weight is too heavy. Similarly, don't choose too light a weight; the last 2-3 repetitions of your set should be difficult.

Proper Technique:
To get the most out of training and to reduce the chance of injury, use proper lifting techniques. These include working with your muscles through their full range of motion (Not locking out any joints), lifting at a speed at which you can control the weight and easily stop if necessary, and maintaining good posture.

Exercise Large Muscles First:
You should work your large muscle groups first-your chest, back, and legs - before you exercise your biceps, triceps and smaller muscle groups. Because our bodies naturally recruit large muscle fibers first, these muscles will be the first to fatigue.

Progress Gradually:
Increase reps before increasing resistance. Reduce rest interval between sets to increase workload.

Breath Correctly:
Do no hold your breath. Exhale at the moment of highest effort. Breath in through your nose, Breath out through your mouth.

Challenge Your Muscles:
All training should begin progressively, using increases in weight until your goals or a plateau are reached. Then, change your workout to include increased reps with lowered weights at the end of a set, change the order of exercise, or add sets, etc., to reach new goals. (workouts should change about every 6-weeks).

Give Your Muscles & Mind A Rest:
You'll get the most out of your training if you give your muscles at least 48 hours rest between weight training workouts to recover and rebuild.

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