Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Angel Journey: Practice 'Now' Presence

Present 'Now' Awareness   By: Deena 'SnapShot' Clemente

Tru Essencia's Angle Heart Journey's

The last few months there have been many 'Ah Ha' moments with being 'Present'.  What it means is to Accept not Judge, Honor not Criticize and Appreciate not Complain about each moment of your life in the Present moment, not thinking of the past or the future.

This is a concept I have been practicing since watching Eckhart Tolle's teachings on the 'NOW' Presence and what it means.  I was blown away by his teachings because I am ready to hear his messages.  My spirit remembers and knows his words to be true.  All lessons on your journey will come to you when you are ready to receive them.  The past brings events, situations that stimulate emotions; the future brings what you manifest in present moment awareness;  So if all you are doing is thinking about the future how can you create it.

Have you been in situations where your body is in one place, but your mind is in a million other places?  Not baring witness to all the beauty, magical energy within and around you.

Some examples on how I practice presence:
In the morning I take time before i get out of bed to just 'be' in the moment without thinking of what i need to do for the day, what happened the day before or what I am doing tomorrow.  

I work my breathing techniques to help focus and ground me when the mind takes over with thoughts. We are not our thoughts, we are the awareness of our thoughts.  The watcher in the Movie theater watching your story.  

Practice honoring your spirit by being aware of your spirit... be still, silent, at peace.  It's challenging, but very rewarding. 

I ride the subway with present awareness for everyone and everything around me.  When you read, listen to loud distracting music or play video games all the time you disconnect from your awareness.

Everywhere i walk i am conscious of my surroundings.  I go to parks, by natural water sources and nature more often to connect with the vibration and healing powers of Mother Earth and her grounding healing wisdom.

Before i sleep I am 'still in presence' with cleansing breathing techniques and it's peaceful.  My questions are answered, chakras energized and balanced, leads to restful peaceful sleep.

The Present 'Now' moment is your power source.  Its where you create and manifest.  It's the only certainty we have. Future is only a thought and often taken for granted.  Past has no power over us unless we, as humans with free will and ego, can not let it go and move forward.  That's when we are stuck and trapped in the strength of Ego.

It's a process, a practice that is used to develop connection with source, patience, gentleness for your journey and compassion for the human/spirit experience. 

I use my journal to write about past present and future events. those situations that stimulate emotions, challenges, lessons, observations of practicing presence.

I connect with people and community because i surrender from my Ego's Will to God's Will.   When you are Present in the 'Now' with an open heart awareness it brings magic in the moment.  

I am grateful for every moment I can breath Creators healing Air, Drink and Feel Creators Water, Feel Creators Fire of the Sun or the Fire in my Sole-plexus 3rd Chakra, Walk, Run, Dance on Mother Earth and connect with the source of my Akasha (Spirt).

Paz  Amor  Luz

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