Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Releasing the past ~ Appreciating the Present ~ Dream Seeding the Future

Love Angel Journey
Wandee 'WandeePop' Candelario

My spiritual awakening has helped me realize the potential I have in every aspect of my life. I'm making better decisions in my personal life, business, and I've been blessed to tap into a whole other level of creativity. Since I started my journey... the enlightenment of my awakening has me thinking more on how the cause and effect of my energy and attitude affects others. It's all up to me to send the positive energy out into the universe, so in turn I can receive the same magical energy.

I can truly say at this point in my life my heart, mind, body and soul are connected the lightness I feel is like no other. I used to feel angry all the time, used to feel such heaviness like I was carrying the weight of the world on my back. This no longer is so!! Each day is a learning experience a blessed day. It allows me to drop off a little of that luggage each day.
The load is lighter and my energy is calmer more loving and open. Opened to a new way of life a new beginning, loving caring giving non-judgmental life.

I wake up each morning thanking creator for the beautiful blessings of the day. The glorious wondrous day that is ahead for me.

So I take a few steps to help protect and conserve my positive energy.
When I wake up in the morning I take 3 deep cleansing breathes.
Say a prayer of gratitude.
Send positive energy out to my family, friends, and community.
Make sure to smile before I get out of bed.
Connecting with like minded individuals
Visualizing everything in the light with clarity.
Whenever something feels heavy taking deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling out the mouth helps to ground you, it may vary you may at times need to take 3 or 4 deep breaths, or you may feel like you need more. There is no wrong way; the point is to be mindful and take the time out to breathe.
For tips on Breathing Techniques read January's Newsletter Article,                              Balance Your Energy Wellbeing

The steps are very easy like everything… you need to practice and make it a part of your everyday life. That is the key factor to continue to work that power; the power of our energy spirit… doing this will ensure the exercise if feeding our spirit, is what you choose to do. We all get so busy trying to take care of others, and sometimes just our physical outer shell, we often forget to feed the soul and our spirit. Making the connections for Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, Spirit with health and wellness is one of the most amazing transformations I am witnessing and going through.

This formula has helped me heal negative energy, allowed me to remove the toxins right out of my system. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been well worth it. The journey took me through a very long hibernation period, and sometimes even the feeling of being silent and still.

Some folks didn’t understand. Those I thought were my friends, so I lost a few. I am totally okay with that cause I am not judging them for not understanding my journey. It was and still is a very necessary path I need to continue on.

Others embraced me and allowed the space and the room to do what was necessary at the time. These are the folks that I have bonded with on a whole other level spiritually.
These are the folks I am happy to have in my life and for their non-stop support and LOVE! They’ve allowed me the space to transition into the real me. A more approachable, less standoffish, non-judgmental human-being, I am a woman that is thriving to help support, encourage, empowerment and honor the newfound way of light!

Part of the LIGHT path journey is accepting all that comes along with transformations, changes, and the different levels energy that all come into play. So where there is light, there is darkness and sometimes even the gray side. So please be mindful of this and always make your way back to the LIGHT!

Using the balance of it all combined the light the dark and even the gray area is needed too. Understanding and knowing not to stay in the dark or heavy area for to long will take some time but it is doable cause we are given some many blessings on a day-to-day basis. It is very important to show gratitude and give thanks.

So I am continuing to work on the following: Releasing the past ~ Appreciating the Present ~ Dream Seeding the Future

Sending Blessing Peace Love and Light!
To be continued

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