Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snap, Pop n' Lock OR Snap, Pop n' Rock

The name of our signature hip hop dance fitness class is created to honor one of our favorite childhood cereals 'Rice Crispy's tagline 'Snap, Crackle, Pop'.

The name was created before the structure of the class was formed.  The fact that the name 'Snap' coincides with my dance name SnapShot and 'Pop' with WandeePop is all divine rhythms.  So people can stop asking who is 'Lock'   LOL

Using 'Lock' was the perfect style to include in the name because it is the Funk Styles we teach in conjunction with our Freestyle Party Dancing and Rocking.  But we are NOT masters of Locking.  We learned Locking Basics from the Original Lockers and creator Don Campbellock and Don Campbellock Jr., as well as Skeeter Rabbit (RIP), Jazzy Jay and Sugar Pop.  

Our initial Locking influences are Mr. Wiggles and PopMaster Fable before we had the women's influences in Breakin 1 & 2 with Anna 'LoliPop' Sanchez and Toni Basil.  So for those who want to learn the Funk Style of Locking that was born in California please follow one of these instructors, as well as Shabba Doo, Original Lockers.

Locking is not a major part of our class structure, but we do perform Locking drills to help with Points, Wrist Rolls, Angles, Locks and Scoops.  It's a dope funky style, like popping, that paved the way for the Funk Styles explosion out of Cali that influenced the Hip Hop Culture on the East Coast.

WandeePop and I teach what we learned growing up in the Bronx too keep the authenticity of who we are, which is why we are officially changing the name to Snap, Pop n' Rock.  We are pioneer BGirls from the 80's representing Hip Hop Party Dancing Style with a taste of Rocking and Popping (Boogaloo and Electric Boogie).

Rocking is the official original Hip Hop style from the Bronx that we rocked in the jams.  We loved to get down.  It derives from Latin Inspired Dances such as: Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Boogaloo and Mambo.


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