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Tru Essencia's Love Angel Journey and New Beginnings

Tru Essencia Dance and Wellness, Inc
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Love Angel Journey

Tru Essencia's New Beginnings
Love Angel Journey
It's been two years since Tru Essencia created a newsletter for our past, present and future clients, students and networking contacts. It's a tool we use to share our dance schedule, services and our favorite things.  Within these two years Deena and Wandee have been on an awakening journey.  I am sure many of you have seen the words 'Awakening' or 'Enlightenment' and thought to yourself, what does that mean?  I know we did.  I thought I was awake being raised in the Catholic tradition most of my life. Keeping God first in my life, Loving my family and friends, Going to school, getting a great job and then becoming an entrepreneur.

When we started our grassroots company in 2007 we understood development was needed to ensure what we share with the world was clear and our focused intent strong.
Anything you build from the ground up will change through the course of the development and change is necessary.  You learn what you want, don't want and make the necessary mistakes along the way.  What we found to be true is.. Truth.. your truth.. our truth.  It's challenging to build something that is the collaborative vision of other people weather it's your mentors or those you admire.  What works for others may not work for you.  You try to fit in to the mold only to discover that is not your purpose.  Then comes the frustration of 'Why am i here?'  'Why am i still doing this?'  What do I do now?  Start over.. Start Fresh.. No way, it's scary.. But How?

We were teaching classes at three of the top 5 major commercial dance studios.  We had students coming in.  We were developing our signature Snap, Pop n' Rock hip hop fitness workshops.  All was well.. But then the inevitable.  Our teaching schedule became a burden, the enjoyment of teaching was dwindling, one day we have 30 plus student the other day a handful.  We started feeling under appreciated for what we were offering.  Why?  because our fears, insecurities, programming and listening to critics who expected our downfall took over our purpose.. because we let it.  We hit a wall.

Something was not working and it was killing our spirit.  Killing who we thought we were and we became bitter, depressed, afraid and blaming the world.  The strong support system we thought we had weakened.  So we decided to retract, step back, hibernate and figure it out or let it go entirely.   The decision was emotionally, mentally, physically and financially challenging.  We let go of everything.  Our teaching schedule and contacts we were working with at the time.  The old paradigms of competition, there's no room for everyone, survival of the fittest, relevancy is not our mindset or the mission statement of our company, but when the majority around you are living those paradigms it becomes more challenging to defy the status quo without Truth, Purpose, Strength and Courage.

During this time one thing remained clear.  We were searching for something.  There was a void.  Yes, we have great families and friends, but there was a void. The Calling.. of our spirit.  We ignored the calling long enough and the strength of our spirit was shining through the death of what we knew our life to be.

Tru Essencia had great intentions at the beginning.  We thought we had it figured out.  But great intentions is not what shows up when you have emotional and spiritual wounds that are not celebrated, healed and balanced as Spirit living a Human Existence.  How can we develop anything without further introspection and development of ourselves.  How can we have a tagline that states 'Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit' without connecting with the real meanings of the words.

Through synchronicity we connected with kindred spirits, medicine men and women, healers that helped guide our journey of true self discovery.  Beyond Religion or anything we ever experienced or remember experiencing.  We learned how to balance our egos and let our spirit light shine, face our fears, insecurities and programming to be free from the illusion of the linear world that has been created many years ago.  To fully express yourself you must look into your mirror without looking away, love and accept all aspects of who you are, speak your truth with no fears, heal what no longer serves you and is holding you back so you can move forward.

Deena 'SnapShot' and WandeePop of Tru Essencia 2012
It's a journey, not a destination.  It's an everyday flowing process and divine timing is everything. You have to be ready to receive the information needed to shift your life and if you are not ready that's ok to.  We live in a duality of darkness and light.  As you do your work and develop your sense of purpose, you have what you need to dispel the darkness and natures medicine to help you and the world around you shift perceptions into an expanded consciousness.

It's a new glorious year and a new glorious dimension we are entering that will change to course of our lives on Mother Earth.  As of 12-21-12, end of the Mayan calendar marked the end of the world as we know it to be and creates the start of a new world, which will help change the old paradigm into a new way of thinking.  It is and always will be about Love, Peace, Unity, Connectedness, Cooperation and the Manifestation of Abundance for all on the planet, not just the 1%.

TruEssencia is reinvented, revamped and creates services that help guide our clients and students on their journey of self expression and freedom through our Integrated Wellness programs.  This newsletter is created to share some of our favorite things that inspire us.  Information we learn along our Love Angel journey with the intention to ignite the fire in your spirit.  Everything  and everyone on Mother Earth is important and has special talents to share.  Our journey is a testament and our purpose is to teach, share, encourage, motivate, inspire and shift our healing medicine forward to all who will listen or in this case read our story.   We awaken to who we truly are more and more each day like a thousand petaled lotus in a field of infinite possibilities so we are aware there is much for Tru Essencia to develop within our services to offer:

how to face your mirror
acknowledge your fears
celebrate your insecurities
honor your linear programming
To develop new Beginning techniques to:
cleanse your energy centers
balance your ego/shadow with your light
heal your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit 
To walk your walk, talk your talk and express your truth:
to love with an open heart
to forgive with an open mind
to give back to mother earth and all our relations with a pure open connected spirit.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of our students, clients and networking contacts past, present and future for all the support through the years.  For believing in us and our vision and for reminding us that our passion for what we do and who we are is needed and important to the community and the world.  The energy we share in our services is bigger than us; our mission is bigger than what we can imagine.  But that's what makes the Great Mystery of life.  We Dream Big and start our days with gratitude for living during this very important time of 2013.

There is so much to share and we are excited to share our story with you.  It's through trust, truth and faith that we are taking this step to open our doors and let our lights shine.  Everything you read is based on our personal beliefs and what we use today for our personal use and recommendations to our students and clients.  Most of the information is gathered through years of research and experience.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to connect with Tru Essencia Dance and Wellness, Inc.
We look forward to connecting with you every month sharing our journey, insights and info on our services.  We will have a NEW funky fresh Hip Hop Dance Foundation teaching schedule for 2013 soon to share.  Please share this Newsletter with anyone who would benefit from the info.  If would be much appreciated.  We are here to connect share and love with one another because we are ONE and the same Life Force Energy.

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