Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Change Your Life

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Do you want to change your life? You can start by changing your mind.
We are what is holding us back. Baby -Step your way to the life/health you want. I couldn't preach it if I did not live it.
I made the decision to take responsibility for being unhealthy by taking the steps. Easier said than done.. I know. But no one else will do the work for you unfortunately;-)

So when i say Baby-Steps; Prioritize what is important for your life/health; start off by adding breakfast to your morning; Add 4 to 5 small meals to your day; Write in a journal what your goals are and everyday do something towards that goal; Consult a professional (trainer/nutritionist); If time is your issue..Make time; Read blogs and forums for support or information on how to properly train your body; Stay positive and Do Not Give Up;

It's never too late.
My Breaking Points
*I was tired, run down, slow, unfocused, unhappy, unmotivated, depressed and i was only 22yrs old. I knew something was not right.
*I wanted to pursue my dancing, but I stood in my way with the unhealthy emotional eating, unhealthy mindset, unhealthy spiritual outlook.
*I got tired of my brother making jokes about my weight and what I ate. At the time I was about 150lbs, which is not overweight, but I was unhealthy with NO muscle tone or core stability which is your control center. I wanted to dance but was weak, not agile or stable with dynamic moves.
I had tried going to the gym with my sisters and friends in high school and all i can remember is feeling overwhelmed because I did not know what to do or how to do it and worse there were no floor trainers around to help. Everyone in the gym looked lost. So it turned me off and I never went back... Until...
It was summer early 90's, I was at the movies and there was a black woman sitting in front of me. She caught my attention because i could not stop looking at her sculpted shoulders, traps and bis/tri's. I had never seen a muscular woman in person. I was always interested in watching the ' Miss Fitness America' Pageants on ESPN. But seeing is believing.
I remember thinking.. That's what I want to look like.. I fell in love with the look because I admire a sculpted physic and what it takes to get there.. I just did not know at the time what it would take..
Then I was hired for a dance job and befriended a dancer who's physic was that of a fitness competitor. She looked strong, sculpted and she made it look good and not manly. Sure enough i went to the gym with her and she gave me some tips and that started my journey.

My Baby Steps:
*I hired a trainer in 1995 to learn the proper way to workout and injury prevention. Met with him twice a week and went on my own at least twice. So i was working out 4 days a week minimum.
*Told a friend about my new regime and she joined me in some of my personal training sessions. We shared the time, split the payment and shared the experience of being eachothers support system.

i stood with my trainer for a year. Then made my way to the Gold's Gym in the Bronx where I met yet another inspiring woman who's physic was off the chain. She did not compete but she had the body for it. She took me under her wing and we trained for a few years together. Never be afraid to ask for help when you find something you want to learn.

At Gold's is where i learned about proper nutrition. It was a huge eye opener for me. I was eating everything I was not supposed to. So I started with adding a healthy breakfast to my day. Then added smaller meals and more frequently. So instead of waiting 4 plus hours between meals I ate every 3 hours. I also consumed more clean, filtered water which was a huge benefit for my body.

I learned soo much from all those who inspired me to reach my goals and I pay it forward to my clients/students.

So now I ask you again.. Do you want to change your life?

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