Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bodega Dreams Chapter 6: Chicken Littles by WandeePOP

Alright party people now here is a little story to help you further understand where we come from. Does anyone remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken sold Chicken Little sandwiches it was in the late 1980's to early 90's? These little half size sandwiches were sold for 39 cents a piece; at the time they were the best sandwiches ever! At least that was my opinion at the time. They were perfect square shape in between the two little buns with a lot of mayonnaise to top it off. Good Eating for no Reason!!!!!!!

It was after school one Friday early evening in the middle of the fall, and the Unique Force (Just us girls) was together chilling, hanging, trying to figure out where to go and hang (really looking for a party to go to). We had a slight problem we where all hungry and know one wanted to go back home to eat. Cause we knew if we did that it meant we where staying in for the night. Our Mom's and Dad's would not allow that! Once you went upstairs it was a wrap party over.

So we opted to stay outside hungry... because we just found out someone was throwing a party on Bryant Ave in the South Bronx, and we all happened to be wearing brand new gear (clothing) and we were looking fresh! I remember like it was yesterday Millie suggested that we all put our money together to chip in for some Chicken Little sandwiches!

We all started to dig into our pockets to pullout whatever change we had.
Someone pulled out a $1, another person $2 dollar's, we continued to count until we came up with a little under $5 dollars. Sad but so very true between 5 of us were only able to come-up with that amount! We made our way to KFC to buy the Chicken Little sandwiches all we could afford to buy were 11 sandwiches, which we all equally divided.

We are now walking back to our block we noticed that someone was still chewing, how and why was it possible that she still had her two little sandwiches, when everyone else finished eating; now talking about how they're still a bit hungry.

We all looked at each other and then turned a looked at the person... and started laughing it was so funny how she did it... then became all embarrassed when we called her on it.

We were a crew and know one was upset with her... she was hungry! We all understood that and like a family, we didn't say anything other than, why you had to go and take the last piece of chicken. LOL

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